Wednesday, October 1, 2008

First Day

I wanted to express again how great the children were in preschool
today. They seem to have great chemistry between them and enjoy
playing and interacting with each other. And despite our 8-month age
span, everyone was able to participate just fine and aspects of the
lesson and activities seemed interesting for each child. I'm very

I've attached the lesson plan I used today so that as you prepare your
lessons you will know what I already did. AS I mentioned, I think it
would be good to start with the same "greeting" song (which is on the
lesson plan) to give the children some continuity as they travel from
house to house.

Also, I saw on Alexandra's preschool schedule the topic of calendar
and weather. I think this is a great idea and it was part of every
day's preschool at Parkwood and is still part of the day at Celeste's
kindergarten. Does someone one to create a calendar with detachable
weather pictures, a picture of a school house or something to
symbolize preschool, and some pictures of other things that we can put
on the calendar (holidays, church (for every Sunday)...). This way
the calendar stays the same and just travels from house to house and
we don't each need to create one.

Also, I noticed on Alexandra's preschool schedule that they did not
follow the alphabet in order. And I think at this age it isn't
necessary either. I did "B" today and the "bbbbb" sound to go with
"body," "baby," and colors "blue," and "brown." So I would simply
choose a letter that has to do with the topic you want to teach about.
Also, I think it would be good to be sure to do the first letter of
every child's name at some point during the year, so "M", "A", "E",
"G" (she introduces herself as Grace and not PKB, so...).

Concerning snacks, Moriah has a peanut allergy. Erin can give us
specifics, but she said obviously no peanuts, but foods processed in a
plant where peanut products are processed have been OK. Erin, if this
is wrong, please let us know. I know of no other food allergies for
the children. If your child has a food allergy, please let us know.

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