Saturday, January 31, 2009

Week 8: Thanksgiving Feast

This week we read the story of the first Thanksgiving. Then the children attempted to reinact the event.
Without exception, each and every child tried to eat the raw corn (on the cob) that I set out as part of the feast.
They all seemed pretty happy to wear their headgear.
We also made our own cornbread for our snack (from a box). The children took turns dumping in the mix and milk. I believe that I also allowed someone to operate the hand-held mixer. Sometimes I can really lack judgment if a child is very persisitant about trying a new experience. But no one got hurt.
I think we also did a hand-print turkey craft. We used ink instead of paint bc it is much easier, but you do have to have a wipe handy if the child cannot be trusted to go directly to the sink to wash up. They were pretty good about this, actually.
We also sang some fun Thanksgiving songs like "Hello Mr. Turkey, How are You." They loved singing perhaps the most of everything we did.

I thought they looked great in their costumes. I do have more photos on my computer. Shall I post them all, or should I send out an email with the rest?