Monday, November 3, 2008

Week Six: Letter H

Thank you to everyone for switching to Thursday. The funny thing is that after all that planning and maneuvering, the guys never came to "seal coat" our roads!! I was pretty peeved seeing that we got up early that morning to move our car to "little blake" so we wouldn't get towed. Oh well. What's important is that the kids had a great morning. We learned about the letter H and as a value we learned about "Helping." All the kids had fun taking turns as we pulled objects out of the Halloween bag that start with the letter H. I thought they would want to see how the objects are spelled but they were more into playing with all the treasures in the bag.

We read some books about the letter H. One of my personal favorites is "Hug Time." If you haven't read should. It's adorable. We then segmented into our value of helping by reading "Herman the Helper" and we talked about how helping makes everyone happy. We then moved on to our craft where we made some Halloween Hats. Everyone was very excited about the stickers they could place all over the hat. I had cut out the initials for every one's name and smart little Andrew handed them out correctly to everyone. I was pretty impressed that he knew what letter each child's name began with. We then headed downstairs to have some free movement or what I called "adventure time."
It was funny to see the difference between the girls and boys. I brought down their letter H papers to color and we traced their hands to make a picture of "helping hands." The girls were totally into coloring and tracing. Once I taught them how to trace their hands, Moriah and Ella asked to do it themselves. They did a pretty good job. The boys, on the other hand, I practically had to peel away from our train table and trains. I finally got them to come over once basketball stickers were involved. Sadie was more interested in the boys playing with HER trains. Good job Sadie letting them play with out having a tantrum.

When we went back upstairs to have snack time we all "helped" clean up the toys before leaving. Upstairs we had Halloween muffins (thanks for the recipe Erin) which are actually pumpkin muffins but I wanted to emphasise the H.
I stepped back and listened to all of them talking at our adult table. They looked like they were at a regular dinner party talking about the economy and upcoming elections. Of course their conversation consisted of Halloween costumes and what color their plates were. Henry was so cute. I gave him a orange plate and orange cup and he said..."oh look..they match." These kids are all so smart. They all said something to totally crack me up but of course I can't remember all the details. When they were done with their snack we each took turns helping clean our dish (thanks for the idea Alexandra). They all thought that was pretty fun. When you came to get them we were all dancing downstairs again. What a fun bunch!! Here's Henry getting tickled. Sadie was leaning over and tickling Henry through out snack time. Andrew didn't want to miss out on any of the fun and went right over to give Henry a good dose of giggles.